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Saving Polar Bears One Christmas At A Time

Blog by Century21 PowerRealty.ca | December 22nd, 2013

Let’s be honest: winter is not necessarily a time when people are overly cautious about saving the environment. Environmental ads on the television get muted between watching Christmas Specials, gift wrapping is torn up and thrown in the trash, everyone drives everywhere in their warm, heated seats. We aren’t condemning you, but we do have some tips of ways you can help aid environmental efforts during this holiday season:


1). Use LED lights to decorate your home! They are 90% more energy efficient than normal bulbs, and just as beautiful! Not only will the save you money, but they will help cut down on energy.


2). Recycle your Christmas tree! Don’t just throw it in the trash. Cut it down and store the logs for a summer campfire, use the needles in compost, or cut it into little pieces and use it as mulch for your garden! If this sounds like too much work, look up tree recycling programs in your city and they will do all the dirty work for you.


3). Cut down on tinsel and use popcorn strands instead! A lot of Christmas decorations are a one-use-kill-the-environment kind of deal. Does tinsel look biodegradable? No? I didn’t think so. Be creative—turn finding natural, recyclable Christmas decorations into a fun project!


4). Spare the harsh chemicals for getting rid of snow and do it the old fashioned way! With a snow blower, of course.


On behalf of us and polar bears everywhere, thank you.