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Keeping The Cold Away Cost-Effectively

Blog by Century21 PowerRealty.ca | December 18th, 2013

Canada Winter

We’re not sure if you have checked facebook yet today, but if you have, you have probably noticed the copious amount of status’ about how cold it is. Plot Twist: Wintertime in Canada is cold. These updates are annoying and ridiculous—you have a window. You can look outside said window. There is snow falling, it is the middle of December, people are in Eskimo jackets—it’s cold outside. Thank you, facebook, for once again stating the obvious.


However, though whining about the obvious is annoying on facebook, it is okay for you to admit that it is cold. We are cold, too. You don’t have to pretend to be some strong, unfeeling Canadian who is used to -40 degree weather.


What is the solution to becoming warm? Turning up the heat! However, that can be expensive. So, follow these tips instead:


1). Bundle Up! You own eight ugly Christmas sweaters for a reason: to win Christmas Party contests. Well, dig up that atrocity your grandma knitted you five years ago! It’s thick and wool? Perfect, it will be warm. Rather than blasting the heat, put on a sweater and an extra pair of socks!


2). Cuddle Up! Do you have a significant other? A pet? A teddy bear? Use some good old-fashioned body heat and cuddle up under a big blanket! It’s cozy AND warm!


3). Sun It Up! Open your window blinds. When it is sunny outside, allow some of the sun’s hot rays to warm up your house! In the summer we close the blinds to keep our house cool, so in the winter open them up!


4). Turn It Up! Buy a space heater—it uses less energy than a heater that will warm up your entire home. Who cares if the guest bedroom you haven’t gone into for five months is warm! Right now you’re watching ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ and freezing in the living room! A space heater is the perfect solution to warming up the immediate area without wasting heat in places it isn’t needed.